Reviews of the Chris Klick Series

Concerto In Dead Flat

“Dead Flat is dead sharp, and I’m delighted for the chance to sing its praises…”

Don Winslow

“Wendell McCall has a great gift and his light shines through in Concerto in Dead Flat. This is a fun novel.”

Randy Wayne White

“Concerto in Dead Flat is an interesting tale starring a wonderfully different lead character…. Klick remains an entertaining player which makes this book and its predecessors worth reading.”


“Concerto was researched and written while McCall was the visiting Raymond Chandler/Fulbright Research Fellow at Wadham College in Oxford. What exactly does one research at Oxford for the purposes of writing a mystery? Why, Oxford itself of course! McCall even manages to get his hero appointed (under false pretenses) as the Chandler/Fulbright Fellow himself in the course of this careening and impulsive mystery.”

Firsts Magazine

Aim for the Heart

“A fine follow-up to Dead Aim, the lyrical p.i. novel that introduced loner Chris Klick and his millionaire chum Lyel…. Elegantly written, hard-boiled fare—Philip Marlowe on a Sierra Club Outing—and a crisp, snappy diversion for p.i. enthusiasts.”


“Local color aside, Aim for the Heart is a quick, fun read spiced with lust. The hero Chris Klick is a likable character with an appealing narrative voice. The second book lacks the romance of Dead Aim, however. When we first met Klick, mystery and crime played a close second to a developing relationship with a heartthrob named Nicole. But what Aim for the Heart lacks in libido, it makes up for in mayhem.”

Susan Bailey

Dead Aim

“Sardonic, wry, and remarkable in both plotting and pacing, particularly for a first-time author…”


“McCall demonstrates a wide range of abilities in this engaging debut novel. He choreographs brutal fight scenes with credibility, communicates an appreciation for and detailed knowledge of rural Idaho landscapes, and handles human relationships with sensitivity.”

Publishers Weekly

“Dead Aim is right on target. This debut novel marks the introduction of a skillful writer, Wendell McCall, and his masterful creation, amateur sleuth Chris Klick.”

Cincinnati Enquirer