Reviews of the Starcatchers Series

Peter and the Sword of Mercy

Full of narrow escapes from nasty villains and bits of humor, this fast-paced adventure delivers plenty of thrills. Grades 4-6.


Peter and the Secret of Rundoon

This thoroughly satisfying and fast-paced adventure blends humor and drama in a compelling and moving story about friendship and growing up.


Peter and the Shadow Thieves

Breathless chases and near-death experiences are spiced with a miasma of Dickensian squalor, creating scenes that are rich in color and action if short on in-depth characterization. This should appeal to fantasy and adventure fans alike.

School Library Journal

Peter and the Starcatchers

It’s not so much the story that’s good here, though it’s a rousing tale, and to the authors’ credit, there are explanations for everything found in the classic story–from Peter’s inability to grow up to the name Neverland. The real lure is the richly drawn characters, especially the villains, who exhibit just the right amount of swagger and smirk. The pacing is excellent as well. Although this is a long book, very short chapters make it manageable for younger readers, and the nonstop action will keep the pages turning.