Another good day for writing

A hot and steamy day in St. Louis. Another good day for writing! (I’m hard at work on The Return and the next John Knox). Dave Barry and I, heading to Russia for the State Department in 2 weeks, received pages of information on what to expect on our trip: it was mostly warnings of diseases! Strange!


The Giver has gotten some good comments from KK readers. Thanks for those! Keep watching and reading and, as always: GO RAMS.

The Giver

The Giver

While The Giver may fail in places as a piece of perfect storytelling, the new film with a host of hunks and movie stars is at once compelling and visually dramatic. Though it seems at times part Forest Gump, and large part, George Lucas’s THX1138, the use of color, metaphor and symbolism eventually finds its way clear of stereotype to engage the viewer in a romantic, thought-provoking story that tries too hard in the end to be Hunger Games, when it could have been just smart all along.

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