White Bone (Risk Agent Series) (2016)
The Red Room (Risk Agent Series) (2014)
Choke Point John (Risk Agent Series) (2013)
The Risk Agent John (Risk Agent Series) (2012)
In Harm’s Way (Walt Fleming Series) (2010)
Killer Summer (Walt Fleming Series) (2009)
Killer View (Walt Fleming Series) (2008)
Killer Weekend (Walt Fleming Series) (2007)
Cut and Run (2005)
The Body Of David Hayes (Bolt/Matthews Series) (2004)
The Art Of Deception (Bolt/Matthews Series) (2002)
Parallel Lies (2001)
The Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer as Joyce Reardon, Ph.D. (2001)
Middle Of Nowhere (Bolt/Matthews Series) (2000)
The First Victim (Bolt/Matthews Series) (1999)
The Pied Piper (Bolt/Matthews Series) (1998)
Beyond Recognition (Bolt/Matthews Series) (1997)
Chain of Evidence (1995)
No Witnesses (Bolt/Matthews Series) (1994)
The Angel Maker (Bolt/Matthews Series) (1993)
Hard Fall (1992)
Probable Cause (1990)
Undercurrents (Bolt/Matthews Series) (1988)
The Seizing of Yankee Green Mall (1987) (later republished as Hidden Charges)
Blood of the Albatross (1986)
Never Look Back (1985)

as Wendell McCall

Concerto In Dead Flat (Chris Klick Series) (1999)
Aim For The Heart (Chris Klick Series) (1990)
Dead Aim (Chris Klick Series) (1988)