Aim For The Heart

  • Kingdom Keepers


written as Wendell McCall–Chris Klick Book 2  (1990)

Chris Klick, the tracer of missing musicians who made a memorable debut in Dead Aim, is trying to take a few weeks off between assignments at his home in the Idaho mountains. He’s never too far from danger, though, as he and his buddy Lyel, a former pro basketball player now clipping coupons, find themselves investigating a series of mysterious occurrences. An accident at the local airport leaves the pilot dead under unusual circumstances. Lyel asks Klick to help him find a woman who is apparently attempting to out-run her creditors. Or was she kidnapped?

But events reach a new level of intensity when the seductive Alicia Gebhardt engages Klick’s services at prices too high for this line of work, leaving him wondering what he’s gotten himself into-and whether he can get out without be-in killed.