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Walt Fleming Book 1 (2007)

Eight years ago, in Sun Valley—snowcapped playground for the wealthy and ambitious—all that stood between U.S. Attorney General Elizabeth Shaler and a knife-wielding killer was local patrolman Walt Fleming. Now Liz Shaler returns to Sun Valley, as the crown jewel and keynote speaker of billionaire Patrick Cutter’s world-famous media and communications conference, a convergence of the richest, most powerful business tycoons. The controversial attorney general is expected to announce her candidacy for president. It’s a media coup for Cutter—but a security nightmare for Walt Fleming, now the county sheriff.

As the Cutter conference gets under way, authorities learn of a confirmed threat on Shaler’s life, and various competing interests—the Secret Service, the FBI, Cutter’s own security forces—begin jockeying for jurisdiction. Amid the conference’s opulent extravagances, Walt is confronted with a potential murder, his nephew’s arrest, and the haunting of his family’s past. The clock ticks down to Shaler’s address as we track the chilling precision of her assassin’s preparations.