Data Usage

I’ve discovered a glaring difference between parents and their children: data usage! Our three kids have used 7 gigabytes over the past 20 days. Marcelle and I have used .75 of 1 gigabyte. This is a result of streaming video and music.

So, as the cellular companies struggle to keep up with data demand, we parents are footing the bill!

Here’s the secret for iPhone users: when you at home switch your phone to Airplane mode in Settings; then go to WiFI Connection and turn on WiFi. (this is assuming you have WiFi at home). Your phone will connect. You can use ALL THE DATA you want and it won’t cost your family a nickel from a cellular provider. You won’t receive phone calls, but you can text and stream to your heart’s content. If you’re expecting a voice call, you will need to switch out of Airplane mode, but remember to go back into it. When you leave the house, you will need to switch out of Airplane mode, but then STREAM LESS when you’re away from WiFi. I offer this sage advice from the novel position of one who pays the bills…